Fogging on the inside of the monitor or lens (COOLPIX AW100)

Fogging on the inside of the monitor or lens (COOLPIX AW100)

Fogging (condensation) may sometimes occur on the inside of the monitor or lens in the following environmental conditions below, where there are sharp temperature changes or high humidity:

  • The camera is suddenly immersed in low temperature underwater from high temperature on land.
  • The camera is brought to a warm place such as inside a building from the cold climate outside.
  • The battery-chamber/memory card slot cover is opened or closed in a high-humidity environment.
Such an occurrence is normal and is not a malfunction of the camera.

To clear the fogging, please perform the following:

  1. Switch off the camera
  2. Bring the camera to a location where the ambient temperature is stable (avoid places that have high temperature, high-humidity, sand or dust)
  3. Open the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover
  4. Remove the battery pack and memory card from the camera
  5. Leave the camera with the battery-chamber / memory card slot cover open to allow the camera to adjust to the ambient temperature
If the fogging does not clear after going through the steps above, please consult a Nikon-authorized service representative.

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