Nikon VS Grey Market

Nikon VS Grey Market

"What does Nikon have to offer?" VS "What does a grey item offer?"

Besides the functionality and specifications of a camera, another deciding factor is of course the price. Grey market items are relatively cheaper when compared to a Nikon camera purchased through the right channel, yet what are the disadvantages of purchasing a cheaper product?

When money becomes an issue, you'll probably tend to think along the lines of, "Now what does Nikon have that is worth my every penny?"

The table below compares the benefits of an official Nikon camera versus a camera purchased through the grey channel:



  • Our products comply with common Japanese standards or regional non-Japanese standards, depending on the region in which the product was sold.
  • Items may not meet mandatory safety and certification codes, or may not have been handled properly, therefore they may malfunction easily.
  • Full technical service is provided at your local service centre.
  • During the warranty period, any servicing or repairs* will be free of charge, provided the camera was bought in the same country as where it was purchased from.
Damage caused by owner's negligence, accident, misuse, do-it-yourself repairs, sand or water is not covered by this warranty.  Please check with the Nikon Authorised Service Centre in your country for any prevailing charges to the service which you require.
  • May not be able to receive full technical support as the warranty is valid only in the country where the camera was purchased from.
  • Certain dealers selling grey items may not be able to provide technical support as well.
  • You will also have to pay to have your camera serviced if it was bought from another country.
  • The manual in the package will be in the preferred language(s) of your region.
  • The manual may not be in the preferred language(s) of your region.
  • The manual is usually a photocopy of the original manual.
  • Users are able to register their product online to enjoy special perks, participate in local events and more.
  • Owners of grey items will not be entitled to special perks and may not be able to participate in local events, due to incompatible serial number.
  • The display languages available with the camera are relevant to the preferred language(s) of your region.
  • The display languages available with the camera may not be relevant to the preferred language(s) of your region.

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