What is a Nikon AF-G lens and what cameras are compatible with it?

What is a Nikon AF-G lens and what cameras are compatible with it?

Until recently only inexpensive Nikon lenses where available as AF- G lenses, however Nikon has now launched several new AF-G lenses including the professional AF-S VR70-200mm F2.8G IF ED and will continue to introduce new AF-G lens across the Nikkor range. The only difference between Nikon AF-D and AF-G lenses is that AF-G have no aperture ring. Studies reveal that few Professionals are now using lenses with aperture rings, the ability to electronically adjust exposures by 1/3 stop via the command dials far outperforms manual ring adjustment, however experienced the user may be.

A substantial weight saving is a secondary benefit too; G-type lenses, like D-type lenses, transmit distance information to the camera for 3D Matrix metering systems. The absence of an aperture ring affects the compatibility of the lens with certain cameras, see the chart below of camera exposure mode compatibility with G type lenses:

D40X, D40, D50, D70/70s, D60, D80, D200, D2 series, D1 series, D100YYYY
F5, F100, F80, F75, F65, F55, F60, F50, F4004, F4004s, F5005, PRONEA S, PRONEA 6iYYYY
F4, F90/s, F70, F8008/s, F6000YYNN
F6006, F2020, F2000, F, F2, F3, F3AF, FE, FE2, FM, FM2/n, FM3a, FANNNN

Y= Compatible N= Incompatible**

* Includes Vari-Program and AUTO mode depending on model

**The lens can physically be attached to the camera, but will not function

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