Where can I find the serial number on my product?

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The location of the serial number on Nikon cameras can vary, however generally they are located on the bottom of the camera. Below are illustrations of serial number locations on selected Nikon products. The areas where the serial number can be found are highlighted in red.

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Nikon 1

Z series

User-added image

Z 9





The location of Serial numbers on Nikon lenses vary depending on the lens. Below are the most common locations, these areas are highlighted in red.

NIKKOR Z-mount Lenses
Z-mount lens image showing where the serial number is located

NIKKOR F-mount Lenses

1 NIKKOR Lenses


The location of Speedlight serial number varies depending on the model but generally they are marked on the underside of the Speedlights head unit. The most common location of serial numbers is highlighted in the images below in red.



Image of binoculars showing where the serial number is located.

Image of a fieldscope showing where the serial number is located.

Where is the serial number located on the product box?

Serial numbers on Nikon product boxes are generally located beneath the bar coded label as highlighted in red below.

Coolpix box

DSLR box

Z-mount lens box

F-mount lens box