Technical Service Advisory for users of the Nikon COOLPIX W300 and COOLPIX W300s digital cameras (update 20/09/2018)

COOLPIX W300/W300s firmware Ver. 1.3, which resolves the issue specified in the September 6, 2018 announcement (see below), was released to Download Center on September 20.
For information on the latest firmware, please see the following:   
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Some users of the COOLPIX W300 and the COOLPIX W300s digital camera have indicated that while shooting a series of images with their COOLPIX W300 or W300s camera to create a time-lapse movie, the focus position, which should lock when the first image is taken, may shift. Nikon’s review of this matter has confirmed that this issue may occur with some subjects under certain lighting conditions.

To address this issue Nikon is currently developing a firmware update that will resolve this issue.  

Please continue to check this website for further updates on this issue.

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