Troubleshooting Checklist

The following troubleshooting checklist will help you identify or resolve possible issues you have encountered with your Nikon product. 

If the topics listed below do not resolve the issue, please include the information in point 8 when contacting our Customer Support team.

  1. Check and Update Firmware

  2. Check and Update Software

  3. Check Software System Requirements

  4. Check Compatibility

  5. Check Battery Health

  6. Format Memory Card in the Camera

  7. Perform a Full Factory Reset

  8. Information to Provide Nikon Customer Support  

1. Check and Update Firmware/Software
Click here to check the latest firmware/software version available for your Nikon product.

2. Check and Update Software
Click here to download the latest Nikon software version available.

3. Check Software System Requirements
Carefully review the system requirements of the software in regards to operating system, CPU, RAM etc.
This information can be found in the Product Description section - Download Centre.

4. Compatibility
Check the compatibility of your camera with the lenses, Speedlights, and other accessories. 
Click here for Speedlight compatibility information.
Click here for DSLR cameras and NIKKOR F-mount lens compatibility charts.
Click here for FTZ/FTZ II mount adapter and lens compatibility information.
Click here for battery, charger and AC adapter compatibility information.
Click here for Nikon battery pack compatibility information.
Click here for Webcam Utility software compatibility information.
Click here for COOLPIX / KeyMission battery, charger and AC adapter compatibility information.

5. Check Battery Health
Some issues may arise due to the age of the battery.
Please check the battery age* in the Setup Menu of your camera as you may need to replace or calibrate the battery.
It is also advisable to use a fully charged battery when troubleshooting.
If you bought a battery separately, check for authenticity. Click here for more information.
Click here to troubleshoot battery charger issues.

* Available only with models with a [Battery info] option that displays the battery age.

6. Format Memory Card in the Camera
Nikon cameras may not recognize a memory card that has not been formatted in the camera. 
Click here for information on approved memory cards for Nikon cameras.
IMPORTANT: Formatting the memory card permanently deletes all pictures and other data on the card.
Before formatting, be sure to make backup copies as required.
During formatting, do not turn the camera off or remove memory cards until the message [Format memory card] clears from the display.

7. Perform a Full Factory Reset
If a full factory reset option is available in the Setup Menu of your camera, use this option and check if the problem you are experiencing is resolved.
IMPORTANT: Once reset, settings cannot be restored.
We recommend that you save settings using the [Save/load menu settings] item in the setup menu before performing a reset.

8. Information to Provide Nikon Customer Support
In order to better understand the problem you are experiencing, please provide our Customer Support team with the following information:

  • Products used, including any accessories

  • Menu Settings of the camera *

  • The System Summary report of your computer if the problem relates to software - click here

  • A step-by-step description of how to reproduce the issue

  • Sample images / screenshots

    * Available in some cameras