15.1 The camera produces unusual noises

1. Are they scratching sounds?
What you are hearing is most likely the sound produced by image sensor cleaning. * When [Automatic cleaning] is selected for image sensor cleaning, image sensor cleaning will be performed at startup or shutdown. To disable [Automatic cleaning], select [Clean image sensor] > [Automatic cleaning] in the setup menu and choose [Cleaning off].
* Applies only to models with image sensor cleaning.

2. The shutter clicks twice.
This is what the shutter sounds like in live view. In live view, the mirror clicks down and then up again as while the shutter travels, which may sound as though the shutter has been released twice. You should hear only one click when the shutter is released during viewfinder photography.

3. The sound of the shutter is dulled.
This is what the shutter sounds like when quiet shutter release is enabled. When [Quiet shutter release] is selected for release mode, the shutter makes a lower, duller sound. The sound should return to normal in other release modes.

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Nb. The text above may not apply to all models, for further details please refer to the documentation for specific products on the website.

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