Z series camera image sensor cleaning

Clean Image Sensor function (not available on Z 50)
If you suspect that dirt or dust on the image sensor is appearing in photographs, you can clean the sensor using the Clean image
sensor option in the setup menu. The sensor can be cleaned at any time using the Clean now option, or cleaning can be performed automatically when the camera is turned off. If image sensor cleaning fails to resolve the problem, contact Nikon Customer Support.

"Clean Now"
Holding the camera base down, select Clean image sensor in the setup menu, then highlight Clean now and press OK. The camera will check and clean the image sensor. No other operations can be performed until cleaning is complete; do not remove or disconnect the power source until cleaning ends and the setup menu is displayed. 

Note: If image sensor cleaning is performed several times in succession, image sensor cleaning may be temporarily disabled to protect the camera’s internal circuitry. Cleaning can be performed again after a short wait.

"Automatic cleaning"
You can also set your camera to automatically clean the sensor at shutdown.
Set Clean image sensor in the setup menu > Automatic cleaning > Clean at shutdown.

Blow loose dust away from the image sensor

  1. Turn the camera off and remove the lens. 
  2. Nikon recommends the use of a hand-held blower to remove loose dust and lint from the image sensor. 

    IMPORTANT: Note that the sensor is extremely delicate and easily damaged so please follow the instructions carefully. Under no circumstances should you exert pressure on the image sensor, poke it with cleaning tools, or subject it to powerful air currents from a blower. These actions could scratch or otherwise damage the sensor. Nikon recommends that the sensor surface is cleaned by Nikon-authorised service personnel.

  3. When you have finished blowing away dust, attach the lens again.
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