Nano-Crystal Coat

Nano Crystal Coat is an anti reflective coating that originated in the development of NSR-series (Nikon Step and Repeat) semiconductor manufacturing devices. It virtually eliminates internal lens element reflections across a wide range of wavelengths, and is particularly effective in reducing ghost and flare peculiar to ultra-wideangle lenses.


The Nano Crystal Coat reduces reflected light from the surface of the lens

Image  Image

The lens on the left does not have a Nano Crystal Coat and shows increased levels of flare and ghosting

Nano Crystal Coat employs multiple layers of Nikon's outstanding extra-low refractive index coating, which features ultra-fine crystallized particles of nano size (one nanometer equals one millionth of a mm). Nikon now proudly marks a world first by applying this coating technology to a wide range of lenses for use in consumer optical products.

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