Camera is not recognised by computer when connected via USB cable

Turn the camera off and ensure that a memory card containing pictures is inserted in the camera. Connect the camera to the computer using the supplied cable and turn the camera on. Windows operating systems should automatically recognise the camera in Device Manager and the default image transfer application should open to allow you to transfer your images from the camera to the computer.

If the default image transfer application does not open, your camera may not be recognised by your computer. The following troubleshooting steps may assist in locating the issue. Turn your camera off while reconnecting cables and then back on again to check communication with the computer.

Basic checks

1. In Start > Control Panel > AutoPlay > Pictures, you can select the default software/ import option when a camera is connected. Confirm that the option Take no action is NOT set.

2. Check that the supplied USB cable is connected securely at both ends (camera and computer).

3. Check you do not have the USB cable plugged into a port other than the USB port on the camera.

4. Try connecting the camera to a different USB port, in case there is an issue with one specific USB port. Do not use a USB hub or USB extension cables as this can sometimes cause issues.

5. An easy alternative solution is to remove the memory card from your camera and use a memory card slot on your computer or an external memory card reader to download the images to your computer (if available). 

Advanced checks

6. Are there other USB devices connected to the computer that could be causing a conflict? Test unplugging any other USB devices attached to the computer.

7. Is your Antivirus software affecting communication with the camera or installation of drivers? Turn off your antivirus software briefly and try connecting the camera again.

8. Some older Nikon cameras had the option to switch between USB options of MTP/PTP and MSC in the Setup menu. If your camera has this option, change to the other USB option in the Setup menu and test connecting the camera to the computer again.

9. Could there be a conflict with other software installed with Nikon's devices/software? Was the camera recognised previously, if so what additional software has been installed, can you test by removing this software?

10. Has your BIOS, Service Pack (SP) or Operating System been updated? These contain updates, fixes and enhancements for your computer and also provide the latest device drivers. Please log on to the Microsoft support site for further details.

11. A complete restore/reinstall of the operating system is a consideration in extreme cases, however you should contact Microsoft for further advice before attempting this.

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