What is EXPEED?

EXPEED is Nikon's digital camera image-processing concept built around the knowledge Nikon have gained throughout its long history. EXPEED does not refer to a single element within a digital processing system but is a concept which when applied to a processing system delivers images that reflect Nikon's passion for photographic excellence.

 Logo for EXPEED

EXPEED image-processing relates to all digital camera ranges and is often mentioned with a number that relates to the generation of image processing chip used. Newer generations have a higher number and introduce faster processing speeds and greater image quality among other improvements.

Using EXPEED as a foundation, the cameras image-processing system is optimised to ensure images meet diverse user requirements and a range of applications. EXPEED will play a major role in Nikon's image-processing technology and will be applied to every operation of the image processor.


 DSLR circuit board

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