"Err" message displayed on camera control panel or viewfinder

If an "Err" message is displayed on a camera's control panel and viewfinder display, this generally indicates that the cameras internal performance monitor has detected a problem. This message can indicate either a temporary or serviceable camera problem. If the camera displays "Err" then please check the following before returning it for service.

1. Use a Nikon approved memory card to ensure compatibility with the camera.

2. Remove the lens to clean the connection pins both on the lens and in the camera throat to which they connect. Clean the contacts with a dry lint free cloth (eg. a microfiber lens cleaning cloth). Dirty contacts can sometimes be the cause if the problem is intermittent. 

3. Removing and then re-attaching the lens may solve a temporary lens/body communication issue. If this doesn't work try using another lens, if the camera then works this would indicate the original lens is causing the error. 

4. Removing then re-inserting the battery may solve a temporary electrical problem. 

5. If you have a DSLR camera, remove the lens from the camera and check the lenses connection pins and the Aperture control lever on the inside of the camera to ensure there is no damage.  If the Aperture control lever is bent or damaged this may lead to the 'err' message being displayed.  If the lever is damaged please return the camera to an Authorised Nikon Service Centre.  For further details of where to find and inspect the Aperture control lever please click here.

If the error is still displayed then your camera will probably need to be returned to your local Authorised Nikon Service Centre. If you prefer to discuss with a support agent first then contact us.

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