What size filters can I use with my COOLPIX camera?

COOLPIX A seriesFilter size cameraAdapter / filter size
AN/ALens adapter ring UR-E24 / HN-CP18 / 46 mm
COOLPIX P seriesFilter size cameraAdapter / filter size
P780040.5 mmLens Hood HN-CP17 / 58 mm
P770040.5 mmLens Hood HN-CP17 / 58 mm
P100077 mmLens Hood HB-CP1
77mm NC Filter
P900, P95067 mmLens Hood HN-CP20 
67 mm Circular Polarizing Filter II
67 mm Neutral Colour Filter 
67 mm Soft Focus Filter
COOLPIX AW seriesFilter size cameraAdapter / filter size
AW110N/ALens adapter ring UR-E25 / 40.5 mm
AW100N/ALens adapter ring UR-E23 / 40.5 mm
COOLPIX OtherFilter size cameraAdapter / filter size
8800Use only Nikon FF-CP11NC, FF-CP11CPL or FF-CP11ND4 FiltersLens Hood HN-CP14 / 67 mm
8700N/ALens Hood HN-CP11 / 77 mm
8400Use only Nikon FF-CP10NC, FF-CP10CPL or FF-CP10ND4 FiltersN/A
5700N/ALens Hood HN-CP11 / 77 mm
5400N/ALens Hood HN-CP10 / 77 mm
5000N/ALens adapter ring UR-E5 / 46 mm
885, 4300N/ALens adapter ring UR-E4 / 28 mm*
880N/ALens adapter ring UR-E2 / 28 mm*
800, 900, 950, 990, 995, 450028 mmN/A
700N/ALens adapter ring UR-E1 / 28 mm
* some vignetting may occur

Note that some COOLPIX cameras appear to have a filter thread but this can be for decorative purposes or to provide a surface for attachment of a lens cap. Filters can only be attached to the cameras listed above.


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